I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do we know what that really means?

Being a strong independent woman comes with many trials and perks. To some you are inspiring, others a hassle. Every positive still has a negative, life is all about balance, but what does independence really mean?


The first thing that comes to mind is a toddler who reaches the stage of finally being able to do for themselves, constantly telling their caretakers "NO" and "let me do." This spirit carries on through our lives in the form of rebellion, pushing the limit, and those of us who enjoy proving people wrong. (Totally excluding myself from that category...) Negative words that generally come along with it are stubborn, difficult to work with, lonely, and demanding. Yet we applaud people who pioneer a path and blaze a trail with determination. Growth cannot occur if we constantly settle, so people who refuse to believe the words "impossible" are necessary to the survival and development of a culture. It is the source of that determination that will result in good health, a strong success story as they plow through their mission, and how present those negative words are as a description of their character.


I am a woman who knows what she wants and where she is going. I do not allow people, circumstances, or personal fears hold me back for what God has designed and destined me for. I am independent from this world because I am fully dependent on Him. My independence is not rooted in trying to prove something to the world. I am independent because I a empowered by the one true God who directs every step. I am never alone, and therefore boldly walk out the life God designed for me to live and the mission He designated me for fiercely. When you become fully dependent on God, nothing holds you back or brings you down. There is no need to rely on people to be perfect and come through for you, because God always will. Therefore you can allow people to be human and enjoy them more. I do not worry about tomorrow, because I am and have always been taken care of. My mind is not clouded with the issues of this world because I know who controls it all at the end of the day. My independence is a result of my complete dependence on a savior that I am madly in love with. I lack for nothing, therefore I am in search for nothing.

When your independence is the result of a dependence on the one who controls the universe, your relationships will actually be a lot healthier and those negative words that come with the territory will drift away. When you find the solution and comfort for all of your problems, it takes the burden off of your family and friends. I no longer look to them to "make me feel better" or tell me what I need to do. Leaving everything in His hands also removes the need to be stubborn, demanding, overbearing, or because I fully trust his plan and timing for it all. Sure God uses my friends and family all the time to encourage, comfort, and speak into my life but Jesus always has the final say and my first stop rather than last. It is easy to love others fully and freely when you are so full yourself. Independence does not equal loneliness. True independence equals contentment, satisfaction, and actually a very full life. My dependence on Jesus keeps my cup running over because I am consistently returning to the living water out of the purest well. Tiredness and struggle lasts only a little while when you turn to Jesus to let him replenish, comfort, and take over your every problem. Submerge yourself in the love and presence of Jesus Christ as the leader of your life and you too will become fiercely independent.