Mirrors: Edited (Part 2)

We live in an edited day and age. I do not know anyone who will post a picture of themselves without a filter and at least a little editing on Instagram, or other online platforms. We make our lives appear flawless to those around us, carefully crafting our posts to portray our wanted self. Those who portray exactly who they are, how they feel, and what they believe are considered controversial, annoying, or simply “too much.” This edited mindset translates to every aspect of our lives. We are a different person at home, work, church, on the town, with friends, significant other, and online. It is difficult to trust someone when you do not really know who they are, or who they might be today/in different settings. When we have all these faces, no one knows the real us. One could call this cultural multiple personality disorder. As Christians, if people don’t know the real us, how can they ever know the one true God and see His son Jesus through us? If we are constantly living edited, no one will know that the moments He is working through us that it is Him, but rather just another edited version of ourselves.

Living in an edited world has made us so critical of ourselves and everyone we know because we hold all humans to a standard of ideal or perfect, when we all know that is not possible. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, yet we pretend to be flawless. What if the only editing that happened to us was that of God? The canvas of our lives would look entirely different if we handed the paintbrush back, let go of the paint, and let the master painter decide what is and is not beautiful. His hands are skilled, method perfected, and He knows exactly how it will look in the end, if we give up control.

Next week’s blog will be on the mirror of control. Before I end this post, I would like to encourage you to be who you are. Whoever that is, be it to the fullest. You honor God most when you walk in exactly who He designed you to be. There will always be haters, but the likelihood of them outweighing your supporters are slim to none. Be you; your personality, body type, style, and passions. Be it all and do not edit out what you think is unacceptable. Editing who you are is like removing a manner in which God could use you. It is not for you to decide what God uses and how he uses it to draw others to Him.