What does Jared Fogle and Josh Duggar have in common?

Within just a few weeks we have seen one of tv's most conservative families face  the dual life of Josh Duggar. Josh allegedly cheated on his wife and turned his back on his entire family legacy of purity with an Ashley Madison profile and a secret facebook page. Following him was the Ashely Madison leak unveiling over 400 pastors with similar issues. Finally we have the harsh reality of Subway's spokesperson Jared Fogle's underground criminal enterprise of child pornography and abuse putting the icing on the cake. America, we have a serious problem on our hands.

If you are anything like me, you are disgusted. Even Jared the Subway pedophile expressed disbelief toward anyone who would do such a thing . It goes to show that we are all capable of horrible things. These men all had similar things in common that lead to their issues escalating to such extreme levels of seeking out affairs and abusing children.

All of these men have addictions to pornography. It is no wonder extreme things have come out about them considering how addictive pornography is to the brain . It affects behavior, relationships, and shifts sexuality into unhealthy atmospheres. As difficult as it is to not get on my anti-porn soap box I won't. Instead, I want to discuss the other thing these men and thousands more have in common. 

These men are all using their freedom as a cover-up for evil desires instead of utilizing the opportunity to make a positive impact on this world. Imagine everything that could be done with the billions of dollars that are spent on pornography, dating, and cheating sites. It is revolting to think of all the wasted time, energy, and resources men and women are throwing away for the sake of feeding a sexual addiction that will never satisfy. My heart grieves for them. 

Instead their energy and resources are wasted on covering up their secret. Although, I cannot say that I have not been there myself. We all have. Everyone has things they try to hide and cover up. There is something positive about all of these people being found out, it provides them opportunity for freedom. Secrecy was their greatest vice. 

I can remember living for years with secrets. They have a way of eating away at your soul, keeping you up at night, and drive anxiety. As terrible as it felt in the moment for my friends and family to find out about previous abuses, cutting, and a pretty well hidden eating disorder it was a relief. Even in my adult years I have tried to hide things like finances and bad relationships thinking that I can figure things out on my own. It is always best when we bring everything we are dealing with from the darkness into the light. The power of darkness dissolves as the relief of the light of truth washes over our struggles. It may not feel natural to talk to your friends or a mentor about what feels necessary to hide, but i can assure you that fighting something with someone is a lot better than fighting in your own. 

This is one of the biggest problem in the Church. Culture has gotten better about having open conversations, but the Church is often too busy painting rainbows to look within or serve one another. Many wonder why culture has changed and become acceptable of just about anything, it's because of Christians. WE are not using our freedom to serve and help one another through difficulties. Instead, we use our freedom to cover up our imperfections, insecurities, and deep rooted sins. That makes us no better than Josh Duggar and Jared Fogle.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
— Luke 8:17

Lexie LaValleeComment