A Unique Way to Accomplish the Most in 2017

Every year millions of people set goals for the following year in different areas of their life. It's a time of optimism, and I absolutely love it! This year, I am going to take on resolutions a little bit differently and take a bad habit breaking approach to them. What I mean by that is each month pick just one or two things I want to focus on and either break a bad habit or start a good one. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so it's safe to assume 30 days is more than enough to accommodate for any hiccups along the way! 

The way this will look in practice, is taking those bigger goals we all have and making smaller ones throughout the year. For example, let's say you want to get healthier. Well, that can mean a number of things and chasing them all at once can be way too overwhelming. There will probably need to be food, exercise, and schedule adjustments to be made. The top killer to anyone's figure is sugar/carbs. For January, it would be best to simply focus on adjusting to eating cleaner and less sugar. Maybe add in two days to go for a jog, ride a bike, or do a plank challenge. A goal for February could be learning how to meal prep and cut out fast food. By March your body will be feeling healthier and you can start some sort of workout plan, gym membership, or maybe you can find a cause-driven race to help motivate you to adding that piece in.  

That is just an example, but by taking our larger goals and breaking them down to 12 smaller ones we assign to each month makes them much easier to obtain. On top of that, every month your small goals will compound and push you closer to achieving your overall big goal. Tearing down that daunting feeling is huge to your success, and it also allows you room to go above and beyond your smaller goal which will leave you feeling extra awesome! If you are having trouble breaking down your larger goals, consider having a session or two with a life coach to help clarify things. (I have a few I can refer you to!)

Don't just keep these goals mental. Write them down and get a calendar to write them on. Research shows that people are much more likely to follow through and complete something they have written down. Even a small action can take you beyond a desire to commitment. Then, be sure to share those things with someone who will keep you accountable and encouraged. Ask them to check in with you on how things are going or make a point to have a goals coffee/cocktail date once a month to talk things over. There are also planners out there that exist to help keep your goals at the forefront and help you use your time on what matters more. I personally use the Passion Planner. 

I hope these tips help you live more intentionally this year! May 2017 not be like 2016. :) 

You've got this,