What To Do When You've Heard It All

Have you ever been frustrated with hearing the same thing over and over again? You sit down to hear a message and internally are hard rolling your eyes the entire time, so annoyed because you have heard it before. Then out comes the cell phone, a long bathroom break, or maybe you get up and leave altogether. It is so frustrating to hear the same things over and over when what you are really craving is something new, refreshing, and innovative. I know. I've been there! 

The past two or so years have been ones of massive growth and deep healing. A huge part of that was choosing to believe that there is always something to gain even if I have heard 98% of what I am about to hear again. What I am realizing now, is that the 2% that was hiding under a different perspective is what has fed me more than something revolutionary ever would have. Each person brings a uniqueness to the table that only they can reveal. Sometimes, all we truly need is a shift in our perspective to feel refreshed.

Hearing things in a repetitive way has also helped my roots grow deeper as a person, and established my beliefs in a way that feels more solid and unshakable than ever. Each time I heard something that I already believe, practice, and even teach others, my roots in those things grow deeper. It acted as a sifter for those parts of me that still questioned, wondered, and were weak, so I can be a person of consistency regardless of my circumstances. We try to make ourselves so complicated and feel that in order to grow we have to constantly be learning something grand and new. The reality is, often times we haven't even mastered the basics. All we need to become established is consistency. 

This principle is similar to the success of any plant. They will thrive with  the repetition of two things, the sun, and water. Without it, their roots would never grow deep enough to sustain their potential. Eventually, plants root systems can grow deep enough to withstand bad storms and droughts, because if they are deep enough they can find an alternative life source when the environment isn't providing them. Resiliency is essential not only for survival but to really thrive and become all the potential you possess. If you keep hearing the same thing over and over, maybe it's a sign your roots need to grow deeper rather than running to find something new. Instead of scoffing as if you know it all, intently listen for what you don't know and let a fresh perspective feed you. It's hard because it's humbling, but I can truly say that I would not be as stable and whole without pushing through the familiar for those extraordinary moments of a new revelation. 

You matter to me. 

- Lexie

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