One of Lexie's goals as a speaker is to help you meet your goals. She is more than happy to incorporate themes and hit specific points that you believe your audience needs to hear most. If you do not see the specific topic you are looking for but still feel that Lexie would be a good fit for your speaking needs please fill out a contact form. 


Human Trafficking Training Topics

In her shoes: Lexie shares her story of growing up exploited in the middle class despite a stable home. She discusses what it was like to not be believed and the effects of child abuse, exploitation, and trafficking on the mind, body, Spirit, and how to best come along side survivors to promote restoration. This session can be customized for multiple fields and levels of expertise.

What is Modern Day Slavery?: This is a basic human trafficking 101 covering the definition, laws, different types of trafficking, red flags, response, and recovery in the United states. Lexie always comes prepared with available local stats, information, and presents scenarios to help your community think through how this lucrative trade might be flourishing. 

Day to day: This training session is customizable to Law Enforcement Personal, social workers, feeding/homeless ministries, domestic violence shelters, teachers, Churches, medical professionals, convenient store clerks, transportation workers, etc. Lexie goes over how you might encounter victims day to day, how to interview, and how to respond. 

Are you prepared?: This is a great training session for communities who are combatting human trafficking or wanting to know where to get started. It is an interactive session to help listeners identify gaps in resources and the logistics of addressing human trafficking, assisting victims, and narrowing their focus. This is a great session for those who desire to start a task force, ministry, safe home, or non profit organization. 

Consulting: Lexie provides consulting to ministries, safe homes, film crews, non-profits, and individuals who desire survivor input on their project, program, and practices. 

Parent Workshops

Technology Safety: Parenting online has never been modeled before, and with ever evolving online platforms it can be overwhelming to keep up with. Lexie will break down the app's, games, and websites your kids are using and how to protect them from predators who have also mastered those same platforms. 

Signs of Abuse: It is easy to brush of signs of abuse as reckless play, a vivid imagination, illness, or a variety of other things, but symptoms of abuse are not always dramatic. Lexie will teach you about the multi system signs of abuse that will appear physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially that many tend to miss as well as how to respond to the realization of abuse. 

Impact of Living in a "Pornified" World: Soft-core pornography is our modern day media in America. Science has revealed the impact of porn on the brain has proven to be detrimental on multiple levels, especially to developing brains. Lexie will give tips on how to shield your kids from porn in games, social media, music, etc., and how to talk to them about sex, love, relationships, and the impact of pornography. 

Dating Safely: Modern day dating has more to do with logins, swiping left or right, and messaging than one on one time. Dating online has become a very really part of the modern search for love. Lexie will give dating safety tips and discuss the 

Faith Based

With any message, Lexie's goal is to lead the audience to encounter Christ more than they have before.

It is when people encounter Christ that they are set free, healed, restored, made new, inspired, and find purpose.



Lexie knows first hand what it is like to live in a world determined to constantly define our value based on checked boxes and smother our worth in pain, abuse, and a million reasons why we will never be enough.  Lexie will take listeners on a journey revealing their worth in the truth and love of Christ. 

Finding Freedom:

Lexie shares her journey of overcoming self-hatred, depression, anxiety, and addiction after enduring 10 years of sexual abuses, divorce, and rejection by her peers. Lexie will dig deep into the hard questions that when answered with truth leads others closer to Christ birthing hope, healing, and freedom back into their stories.


Growing up Lexie always heard this illusive word, "calling." Since then she has discovered that our purpose in this world is not only written in God's word but on the things that make our hearts beat fast. He fastened us with specific passions, talents, and dreams for a unique purpose waiting for us walk into with integrity and anointing. Lexie is passionate about leading others to realize and walk in their calling regardless of their age or circumstance.  

Small Conferences

Lex & Lexie

Lex Anderson is a friend of Lexie's who is a talented musician passionate about providing youth conferences to students who many not be able to attend the larger conferences or camps but still desire an encounter with God. Lex and Lexie make the perfect pair to address topics like worth, identity, purpose, suffering, relationships, and withstanding the pressures of this world. Lex and Lexie will take your students deeper into the heart of Christ that heals, restores, redeems, comforts, and gives purpose.

The 1-2 day conference includes:

Worship by Lex Anderson

1-4 Sessions by Lexie with activities

Lots of 1 on 1 time  

Don't let your budget stop you. This is part of our ministry and we enjoy it!

Fill out a contact form and we will go from there.

Meet Lex Anderson! Click on this photo to connect with her on Facebook and hear EP Undone. 

Meet Lex Anderson! Click on this photo to connect with her on Facebook and hear EP Undone. 


For more information on human trafficking, please visit:

Polaris Project

Shared Hope

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Check out the Resources  page for a list of great books, documentaries, and video links to educate yourself.

"I have had the privilege of hearing Lexi speak and share her testimony, in both a large conference setting; engaging community leaders and adults, as well as a school assembly environment. Lexi has an effortless ability  in communicating not only the depth of the issue of human trafficking, but her own stories make it very personal.  I would encourage others to invite her to speak and look forward to having her back again."                                                      
- Kristin Lipscomb, Pastor Liberty Church


"Lexie spoke to my speech class at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN about human trafficking in March, 2015. Her presentation was heartfelt and powerful. I will definitely invite her back to speak to future classes. Lexie first learned about human trafficking in my class in 2009. She says she felt God's call to this ministry at that time. I recommend her without reservation.                           
- Ben Jobe, Adjunct Professor of Communications